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What We Do

Gibraltar Mountain Aerospace is ensuring that the legacy DHC6 Fleet will remain in the air for years to come with the design and fabrication of a 100% carbon fibre composite cockpit door. 


Equipped with a form fitting window and corrosion-free stainless steel hinges, the doors are also designed to be resistant to pitot strikes and are easily repairable in the field. The cockpit doors not only increase the useful load of the aircraft, but they are also optimized for float operations on salt water. 


Gibraltar Mountain Aerospace is here to support, repair and increase the manageability of the fleet. 



Gibraltar Mountain Aerospace (GMA) was created using the skill sets, and more than 60 years of experience of the founding partners to support the operations of legacy aircrafts by providing high quality components at reasonable prices.


From analyzing and designing to fabricating and machining, the GMA team has developed creative solutions using simple composite structures to maintain the Legacy Fleet.


The team at GMA have the know-how, skills and production facilities to fill this essential service and keep this legacy fleet in flight. 

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